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Photo by Starr Hackwelder.

Posted by: artkaligos | January 27, 2011

it’s a white new york in perpetuity

Last night New York was once again slammed by a massive snow storm, effectively blowing New York’s budget for snow clean up. Unfortunately, it appears by looking down my street in Brooklyn that no one is rallying to pick up their shovels. Living in New York is difficult enough without mother nature continually putting on her strap on and coming for us from all directions. We’re tough, but not that tough.

Photos by Lauren Caulk, Herve Lafond, Rick Aronstein, Kelly Gray, Terry Towery & Alex Delgado.

Posted by: artkaligos | January 24, 2011

cold cuts & piñatas

Photo by Starr Hackwelder.

Posted by: Ronan Haughton | January 23, 2011

Extreme Road Rage

Picture by Ronan Haughton

Posted by: Ronan Haughton | January 23, 2011

Harrods January Sale, Real Fur Must Go

Harrods, London. This group of protesters are asking shoppers and passers-by to boycott one of the worlds most famous department stores. The reason, as they put it, is that Harrods is the UK’s only department store that still sells real fur.

If you’re considering giving in to the growing trend of fashion victims of the furry hat brigade then you might want to reconsider buying it at Harrods.

Picture by Ronan Haughton

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Posted by: Ronan Haughton | December 29, 2010

St Martins seeks new funding streams under Southampton Row car park

With upcoming heavy funding cuts for higher education in the UK some universities are exploring innovative ways of bringing in additional revenue. Central Saint Martins are performing deep exploratory car-park drilling in the hope of finding some of art schools lost treasures. So far all that has been found is a missing lift/elevator part and a students’ union bar. As soon as anything of value is found Mobile Pictures will be the first to break the news, until then it’s drill baby drill.

Picture by Amrita Nag-Chowdhury

Posted by: Ronan Haughton | December 28, 2010

24 Hour News at the Britannia Bar

Picture by Ronan Haughton

Posted by: Ronan Haughton | December 28, 2010

You say Movember, I say December…

Remember a moustache is not the only way you can help spread the word about Movember, visit to find out more.

Picture by Ronan Haughton

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