Posted by: artkaligos | November 20, 2008

happy accidents

Happy accidents are what paved the way for alternative processes that stemmed out of traditional photography. Gumoils, Kallitypes, Chrysotypes, Daguerrotypes, and Bromoils are just some of the STD sounding names for processes practiced in overpriced art schools across the nation. So as the trend is less chemical, more technology, it can be said that experimentation in photography is  at an all time low, and that darkroom processes are delegated to the esoteric. 

Not true, asserts fellow co-worker Jon Parker. As he has been trying to “embrace the crappiness” of his iPhone camera, it has yielded some corruptions that are fit to be put up in a gallery in Chelsea. This could lead to broken or corrupt iPhones to be part of a photo curriculum sometime in the future. Here are some of Jon’s photos from said iPhone.

parker1Jon’s wife in motion at the Whitney.  

parker2A corrupt Flatbush Avenue.

parker3iPhone in mid-drop at Pintchik’s hardware. 

parker4Jon’s corrupt friends arrive at Toloache restaurant.



  1. “It has yielded some corruptions that are fit to be put up in a gallery in Chelsea.”

    Ha ha, thanks Art!

    My friend gets the same weird “tiling” corruptions on his iPhone too, I wonder if it’s a pretty common problem. I hope a software update doesn’t fix it..

    For the one of Rory (top) I was trying to take a normal pic but the shutter speed was too long and she couldn’t stay still so I said what the hell, why don’t you just move your head back and forth the whole time.

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