Posted by: artkaligos | February 5, 2009


Vicky B was perusing the aisles of Big D in Greenpoint the other day and noticed that there were plenty of misspelled signs all over the department store. Pop-tards particularly screamed to be photographed. It’s got a special ring to it that the original name lacks. 


Here is a hilarious review of Big D on Yelp:

Every time I go in here, I feel as if I am entering a former Soviet block country. The rotating bins of cheap goods, like individually sold socks and irregular underwear, are a bargain and hilarious. I love sifting through the t-shirts with their not quite right English phrases and before the election, they had Obama t-shirts onsale for $1.99 outside- I doubt our future prez would be so supportive of the sweatshop goods.

It’s one of my favourite places in the neighborhood and when I’m feeling a bit down, I like to browse the aisles of Polish/American goods, I always seem to meet crazy old neighborhood ladies here, the last of which wanted to set me up with her 30something year old son who still lived at home. I think I’ll pass.


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