Posted by: artkaligos | December 27, 2010

the empire state on ice

Photo by Tony Anderson.

Photo by Jon Gilkison.

Posted by: artkaligos | December 27, 2010

spending the holidays with space dog

Photos by Dean Bein.

Posted by: artkaligos | December 25, 2010

merry christmas

Photo by Gayle Taliaferro.

Posted by: artkaligos | December 21, 2010

freak love

Photo by Andrew Yang.

Posted by: artkaligos | December 11, 2010

a day in the life of kitkat wong

Waking up means it’s time to start looking good.

Ok, now that that shit is over, Kitkat decides it’s time to soak up some rays. Warm fur.

Clearly Kitkat Wong’s forgiveness knows no bounds, as evidenced by this photo of her cozying up next to Duane Reade, who had been convicted of raping Kitkat earlier this year and was sentenced to a ball chopping.

It may look like Kitkat Wong is wide awake, but the day’s activities have left her exhausted. Kitty go night-night.

Posted by: artkaligos | December 10, 2010

urban christmas

Photo by Terry Towery.

Posted by: Ronan Haughton | December 9, 2010

I will fight for my Grandson

Thousands of demonstrators have begun to march in protest on the day that UK politicians vote on whether to treble the cost of tuition fees for students.  A vote that could affect generations to come.

Picture by Ronan Haughton

Posted by: artkaligos | November 29, 2010

kitten diapers

Photo by Leslie Boyd.

Posted by: artkaligos | November 29, 2010

the power of sales

“This guy made sales calls at the top of his lungs the entire trian ride back to the city. Apparently, there’s a second stream of revenue to be made in the sports health nutrition racket.”

-Laura Krafft

Posted by: artkaligos | November 29, 2010

got this american feeling

Photo by Victoria Belanger.

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