The premise of this blog is quite simple: this is mobile picture heaven. I found that I would often take interesting, candid photos with my cell phone, only to share it with other people here and there, or not at all in some cases. It saddened me to think of all the pictures that would go unnoticed, under-appreciated, and even deleted if they were taking up too much space. Cell phones are our digital polaroids. We always have one, and we rely on them when we don’t have a camera with us.

A new art form, crude  snap shots or the new national past time? You decide.



About the Editors

Art Kaligos
Mobile Pictures was created by Art Kaligos in 2008.

Ronan Haughton
A London based editor of the blog and long time contributor since 2009.



  1. dude,
    do you know another joseph knight? because your links says so. if you have mistaken it for me, my web address is http://www.josephjknight.com. the difference between the two is the J between joseph and knight.


  2. Mobile phone snaps provide the perfect medium for describing the lives of everyday people – I like your idea.

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